The One with our Home Before/After

About a year before we got married, Neal bought his house. Not for us, it was his bachelor pad. Now, two years later, I am shocked at how much I love this place. We have updated and cleaned this 50s home and now I can't imaging living anywhere else. Here are some before/after photos showing what a little paint and a lot of work has done for our place:

Neal painted the shutters and door and installed new lights. We cleared out the gardens but we still need to finalize some landscaping. Ideas for under left window?

Out back we pressure washed and got rid of a bunch of debris including an old hot tub. :( We strung some of our wedding lights and found some nice craigslist deck furniture.

The living room needed some new carpet, a fresh coat of paint, and those window boxes removed. Probably my favorite part of the living room is the painted fireplace.

The office is the most dramatic transformation. We tore out the desk and painted like crazy. New carpet in here too because we weren't feeling the blood red flooring.

Our kitchen is ridiculously oversized. Although it was in pretty good shape, it's size made it a beast to paint. We painted, we cleaned, we moved light fixtures, and we installed a projector. Most dramatically, painting that trim white freshens up the whole place.

Our most recent project was the room upstairs. This room became a music/computer room. The wall along the steps made it feel very small. So our first act was to demolish it into a half wall. Paint, trim work, and some new furniture.

The bedrooms needed a fresh coat of paint, some cleaning, and new ceiling fans. And that's about it!

Our biggest project was our smallest room. This pink bathroom was an absolute eye soar. Knocking out the closet gave us much more space to fit a bigger vanity. Painted tile is looking much better and new laminate floor finished the room. Notice my shelving project to cover where the old vanity was and good ol' Bruce in his frame.