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The One with Engagement Photos at Hickory Run State Park

When Paige told me she was willing to travel and open to any location, I was giddy with excitement to try a new spot. This session in the Poconos was a dreamy success. Paige and Addison were so easy to photograph with their easy laughter and natural comfort around each other. It's clear that they know each other so well! It will be such a treat to photograph their wedding in September.

We had to reschedule for freezing temperatures and intense rain, but the wait was worth it. We had a glorious sunny day in the beautiful Hickory Run State Park.

And we only brushed the surface of this beautiful park. There is so much more to photograph at Hickory Run, including Boulder Field (which was sadly impassible on the snowy mountain roads) and Hawk Falls. So yes, yes,I will gladly go back for another session with anyone who wants to make the trip!

...and how great is her dress! Currently trying to find it online so I can have it for myself.

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