The One with Our Trip to the Outer Banks

Every August we make a journey to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It is our favorite family getaway and this year was no exception. We had beautiful weather and a house right off the beach. Our morning were filled with jogs and bike rides; our afternoons were spent riding the waves and reading on the shore; in the evening we ate some delicious food and enjoyed each other's company. Time went too fast.

I love vacationing with this family. What's so great about them? They motivate me to stay active and keep me laughing. Here's our whole crew spending an evening on the beach.

It was a joy having my sweet niece and nephew at the beach with us. They added so much energy. And can I say, they were the best sport on the beach. I think they both tolerated the heat and sand better than me.

Would you believe I actually get up earlier on vacation. I am so excited for the day it's not even hard to get out of bed. Plus it's nice to beat the heat for a morning jog. This year I made it to the coastline for a clear sunrise. It was breathtaking!

Wednesday evening consisted of a "Nailed It" cupcake challenge where we were each asked to recreated intricately decorated cupcakes. None of us are experienced bakers and it was hilarious to watch us struggle. Check out the winners pictured here (right) next to their intended product (left):

And here you can see one of our losers (right) next to their intended product (left):

Almost every time I'm taking pictures, I'm on the "job." So it was refreshing to take a break from scheduled photos and remember the joy of taking pictures for leisure. I had a blast taking some untraditional shots and experimenting with composition.

Neal was refreshed to get away from the office. It was so nice to have some down time with my hubby and relax. On another note, if you don't have these Tommy Bahama beach chairs, you are tragically doing the beach wrong.

Finally, a view of the town. Nothing is better than the quiet woodsy feel of Corolla North Carolina. We love biking the neighborhoods and touring the beautiful houses.