The One with my Winter Escape to Puerto Rico

Transitioning careers from teaching to photography has been smoother than I ever imagined. The winter season of limited photography was a concern until I realized an opportunity to work in Puerto Rico. For the past 16 days, I was able to work in the beautiful city of Ponce. Rest assured, I worked hard in order to explore these beautiful sights on our single vacation day each week. Hand pollinating acres of corn in the hot sun with a long sleeve dress code was far from glamorous. But would I do it again? -yes!

The trip would not have been complete without Neal sharing a weekend with me. He joined me in the middle of my stay and we used our day off to visit Cabo Rojo. The beautiful cliffs and beach on the southwest corner of the island is an absolute must-see destination.

During my other weekend, we visited Old San Juan. I've been to Puerto Rico various time and never seen this side of the island. It was full of history and culture.

And because this is a skewed perspective of how I spent my time on the island, here is a glimpse of the other 90% of my time. I worked with a fabulous team from all over the midwest.